wall of us

Poetry is eternal graffiti written in the heart of everyone.

– Lawrence Ferlinghetti


po·et·ry \ˈpō-ə-trē, -i-trē also ˈpȯ(-)i-trē\
: the writings of a poet : poems
: something that is very beautiful or graceful


prose \ˈprōz\
: writing that is not poetry : ordinary writing


graf·fi·ti /ɡrəˈfiːti/

Graffiti are poems/prose or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or painted on a wall or other surface, often in a public place. Graffiti range from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings, and they have existed since ancient times. Graffiti may also express underlying social and political messages.

on this Wall of Us, I hope many will place beautiful words and imagines. I go to sleep each night searching for star showers and an oval moon to provide me with words of magic… I only want to write thoughts that matter. my wish is to inspire, letting everyone know together we can and together we will. I want to pen words full of light… words and drawings that will stir hearts and send beams of love, compassion and fulfillment, ramblings in colors from which dreams are woven. I hope to decorate our Wall with my heart and yours. I wish it full of heartfelt images full of truths. truths found in tears of joys and sorrows. if we stop long enough to listen, this Wall will speak, much like angels in clothes of street… my vision of our brick wall is painted with dreams, colored in graffiti to inspire. our Wall will provide a platform of passion where clouds of thoughts and whispers of dreams can be expressed. please take time and stop long enough to stay and see. add your thoughts…. paint your own magic…stay, hold a hand, and imagine angels… if only the world would live, in Strawberry Fields, as one. *

* Thank you John Lennon and The Beatles